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Source code

Pre-built binaries

Compiling QSoas from source on MacOSX and on Windows is possible, but it is not easy. To make your life easier, our partner eValorix offers for sale pre-built binary images

Note: the price on that site is expressed in Euros or CANADIAN dollars, see for instance XE for currency conversion.

The download is a ZIP file that contains:

Free binary images for QSoas 1.0 !

Those unable or unwilling to pay the price for the pre-built recent images can download and install version 1.0 for free.

Compilation notes

Version 2.2 of QSoas requires the following software packages to compile:

On a Debian (or Ubuntu) system, you can install the build dependencies by running (as root):

~ apt-get install ruby-dev qt4-dev-tools libqt4-dev libgsl-dev

Build running the following commands in the unpacked archive directory:

~ qmake
~ make

Intranet downloads

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