Warning !

Soas is no longer maintained. You are strongly encouraged to switch to its successor, QSoas

(temp) Set the temperature

If you want to use reg to measure the slope of a log-transform in unit of ``number of electrons'' (F/RT), or if you want to fit non-catalytic or catalytic data, the temperature should be specified. The default temperature when you start soas is set to 293, but can be changed using the temp command.

If all experiments in a directory are recorded at the same temperature, you can write it in a temperature.info file in this directory. This text file (which should contain nothing else than a number, the temperature) is looked for, and read in the directory you start soas from and each time you change the working directory (with the G command). See the section about configuration files.

Alternalively, you can adjust the temperature when you edit the initial parameters before running a fit.

Christophe Leger 2009-02-24