Warning !

Soas is no longer maintained. You are strongly encouraged to switch to its successor, QSoas

(1) Find 1 peak

Searching for one peak, the program decides on its own whether a maximum or a minimum is to be found. The output file looks like Dirk's (each line is twice as long when you pick two peaks at a time). For each peak, the height, width, half widths, area and half areas are saved:

  position    height      width       left-width  right-width area        left-area   right-area filename
 -0.4664      0.5769E-07  0.8380E-01  0.3989E-01  0.4391E-01  0.5671E-08  0.2835E-08  0.2836E-08 20-13.DAT

Christophe Leger 2009-02-24