Warning !

Soas is no longer maintained. You are strongly encouraged to switch to its successor, QSoas

swi with i = 1 to 9

The method described in refs. [8,9,10] is used to calculate the individual SWV peaks.

The assumptions are that the i one-electron redox centers have the same coverage and are non interacting.

The adjustable parameters are the coverage (FAGamma), and for each center, one value of k0 and one reduction potential. You are asked whether you want all the k0 values to be the same (in the case of overlapping peaks, this help the fit by decreasing the number of adjustable parameters).

If you modify the initial parameters,

   1.000      0 !nfb 0/1/-1
  0.3290E-07  1 !FAGamma
   150.0      0 !Frequency
  0.2500E-01  0 !Eamp
   2.000      1 !log10[k0(1)]
 -0.3868      1 !E0(1)
the first one tells whether you're fitting the net (0), forward (1) or backward (-1) current. Soas should be able to guess from the file name. Cf the ln command.

WARNING: the function knows how GPES samples the current at the end of each step, but that could be different with other hardwares.

Christophe Leger 2009-02-24