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woa and wra

To fit simple catalytic waves (woa for oxidative catalysis and wra for reductive catalysis) adjusting a limiting current ilim, a mid point potential Eapp and an apparent number of electrons napp. A polynomial baseline, Dirk's method, should be first removed.

NB: this is equivalent to fitting the log transfrom of the wave to a straight line using the reg command

The current equations are:

$\displaystyle i=\frac{i_{\rm lim}}{1+\exp\left(\frac{n_{\rm app}F}{RT}(E_{\rm app}-E)\right)}$ (9)

for reductive catalysis (wra) and

$\displaystyle i=\frac{i_{\rm lim}}{1+\exp\left(\frac{n_{\rm app}F}{RT}(E-E_{\rm app})\right)}$ (10)

for oxidative catalysis (woa).

Christophe Leger 2009-02-24