Warning !

Soas is no longer maintained. You are strongly encouraged to switch to its successor, QSoas


C. Léger, V. Fourmond

Date: February 24, 2009

The home page of SOAS is here: http://bip.cnrs-mrs.fr/bip06/software.html

This is the on-line version of the SOAS Manual. PostScript/PDF/LaTeX versions are also available.

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This program has been developed with the aim to offer options to analyse and manipulate voltammetric data for adsorbed species[1]. It is provided ``as is''. Please report any problem, and feel free to get back to us with suggestions/ complaints/ comments, and to ask if there is anything else you need in this program. Please forget about typos & frenchisms.

Some features of the program are based on the Utils program that Dirk Heering (H.A.Heering - tnw.tudelft.nl) happily distributes. Utils is a DOS program that works in a Windows environment. soas can be installed on computers running any flavour of Unix/Linux, most easily on Mac OSX. You may thank/ask Kevin ( kevinhoke - mac.com) for the MAc version. Email Kerensa ( Kerensa - heffron.com) to inquire about the name.

Hereafter, all the commands are written between brackets and described. E.g. (l) means that you've got to type an ``l'' (lower case) after soas prompt, and then type return, to load a file. Some commands are more than one character long; they are mainly described at the end of this document.

The program should be able to read the text files exported by GPES, CH, and EGG softwares. The program must be started with an option that specifies what type of data files to expect. For example, try soas -ffGPES if you are an Autolab user, else see here. Let us know if you can't load CH or EGG data.

Christophe Leger 2009-02-24