CURRICULUM VITAE 15th April 2019

Michael J. Russell, BSc., PhD.

Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology
Section 3225,
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Now working remotely from
Via Giacomo Leopardi 3
Rho, MI20017
Lombardy, Italy
1973 Ph.D. Geochemistry/Ore Geology – University of Durham, England
1963 B.Sc. Geology/Petrology (+ 2 years chemistry, 1 year physics) University of London

Positions held
2019- Remote research scientist, JPL, NASA, NAI Icy Wolds
2016-2019 Principal Scientist, NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
2013-2018 Supervisor, Planetary Chemistry and Astrobiology Group, NASA, JPL
2010-2019 Research Scientist V, NASA/JPL/California Institute of Technology, USA
2006-2009 NASA Senior Research Fellow, JPL/California Institute of Technology, USA
2005-2011 Distinguished Visiting Scientist, JPL/California Institute of Technology, USA
2004-2005 CNRS Professor, University of Grenoble, France
1999-2004 Dixon Chair of Research, Scottish Universities Environmental Research Centre
1990-1999 Professor of Applied Geology, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland
1983-1989 Departmental Chair & Professor, Applied Geology Department, Strathclyde University
1971-1971 Lecturer, Department of Geology, Legon, Accra, Ghana
1969-1983 Lecturer, Reader, Applied Geology Department, Strathclyde University, Glasgow
1965-1965 Geologist (party chief), Falconbridge Nickel Mines, Canada
1963-1965 British United Nations Association Geologist, Geological Survey, Solomon Islands
1958-1959 Works Chemist Improver, Howards of Ilford Limited, London, England

Recent Awards
2018 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal
2016 JPL Discovery Award
2015 NASA Honours Group Award, Icy Worlds
2009 William Smith Medal, Geological Society of London, Contributions
to Applied Geology

Secondments and Sabbaticals
Ethiopian Government, carbonate assessment, 1973;
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1976;
University of Tasmania, Hobart, 1980;
Washington University, St Louis and Oregon State University, Corvallis, 1992;
Waikato University, Hamilton, New Zealand, 1993)

Recent Public Contributions
2019 30/80 meeting: alkaline vents 30th; Mike Russell's 80th, Granada, Spain
2018 Invited talk to the ESA’s Ocean Worlds Conference, Berne, Switzerland
2017 Member, (2017) Europa Lander Science Definition Team: see Report at JPL D-97667, NASA, Washington, DC.
2017 Keynote, NASA/ESA Conference on Adaptive Hardware and Systems (AHS)
2017 Invited public lecture, “How life began”, University of St Andrews, Scotland
2017 Opening lecture, Geomicrobiology, Microbiology Society Annual Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland.
2016 Keynote address, RIKEN, Hirosawa, Japan
2016 Keynote Addresses, Earth and Life Sciences Institute, Tokyo
2016 Science Definition Team (SDT) Member for a Europa lander mission, NASA.
2016 Keynote Address, Goldschmidt conference 2016, Yokohama
2016 Klepser Distinguished Lecture, University of Tennessee
2016 Keynote Address, Keck School of Medicine, USC
2014 NASA Nationwide with Dr Mike Russell,
2014 Keynote address, Goldschmidt conference 2014, Serpentinization and Life
2014 Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture, Portland
2013 The Search for the Origin of Life, Montana PBS Film
2012-4 National Academies Standing Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences
2012 Opening Lecture, Royal Society of London, Energy Transduction and Genome Function
2012 NASA Astrobiology Educator Workshop: Exploring the Origin of Life, Georgia Tech
2012 NASA funded film “Life Quickens” by Danny Shmidt,
2012 Lars G. Ljungdahl lecture, Beating the Wood-Ljungdahl Pathway to the Origin of Life, University of Georgia
2011 Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) “Setting Time Aright”, Bergen, Norway
2011 Royal Swedish Academy, “Origin of Life and Molecular Evolution”, Stockholm, Sweden
2011-2 Convener, NAI’s Thermodynamics, Disequilibrium and Evolution
2010 Plenary speaker at the IEEE annual meeting, Montana
2009 TEDx Art & Science LA – Dynamic emergent structures in Art and Science
2010 Panel member, World Science Festival, “Search for Life in the Universe”, New York
2009 Nature, research feature in 459, 316-319 (Whitfield; Nascence Man)
2009 Der Spiegel 11th June, 122-124 (Motor des Lebens)
2000 BBC HORIZON (Life on Mars) Main funding sources since 2006 (apart from RTDs)
2006-9 NASA Senior Research Scientist
2009-15 NAI, Astrobiology of Icy Worlds: Habitability, Survivability, Detectability, Co-I ~$8M
2015-20 NAI, Icy Worlds: Astrobiology at the Water-Rock Interface & Beyond, depute PI~$8M


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Main ongoing collaborations

Wolfgang Nitschke, (CNRS, Marseille/France),
electron sinks, nitrogen oxide reduction, green rust and the ineluctable requirement of molybdenum at the emergence of life.

Isik Kanik, Kevin Hand, Laurie Barge, Steve Vance, Takazo Shibuya, Richard Kidd, JPL,
astrobiology/icy worlds, reactor and membrane experiments, methane/methyl sulfide synthesis/analysis and (hydro)magnesite microbialites

Elbert Branscomb (Institute for Genomic Biology, UIUC, Champaign-Urbana, IL, USA)
Disequilibria, free energy conversion, nanoengines

James Milner-White (Glasgow University, UK),
peptide/inorganic cluster interactions

Dieter Braun, Center for Nanoscience, Ludwig Maximilians University Munich, Germany,
How to create a Darwinian RNA machine from Monomers in a Hydrothermal Trap

Main invited lectures and lecture tours

2014 NASA Nationwide with Dr Mike Russell,

2014 Keynote address, Goldschmidt conference 2014, Serpentinization and Life

2014 Linus Pauling Memorial Lecture, Portland

2013 The Search for the Origin of Life, Montana PBS Film

2013 III International Conference, Emergence in Chemical Systems. Anchorage, June

2013 Engines of Life: Thermodynamic Pathways to Metabolism; Beyond Center for Fundamental Concepts in Science, Arizona State University,

2013 Origins of Life through Serpentinization, SETI Institute

2012 Opening Presentation, Energy transduction and genome function – an evolutionary synthesis, Royal Society London

2012 Fourth Annual Ljungdahl Lecture, University of Georgia, Athens

2012 Serpentinization: the engine that drove the onset of denitrifying methanotrophic acetogenesis at the emergence of life.
AGU Annual Meeting: Invited.

2012 University of Illinois

2012 Presentation to Space Studies Board, The National Academies: Serpentinization and the Beating of the Acetyl Coenzyme-A Pathway to the Origin of life.

2011 Foundational Questions Institute (FQXi) Setting Time Aright, Bergen, Norway

2011 Royal Swedish Academy, Origin of Life and Molecular Evolution, Stockholm, Sweden

2010 Astrobiology speaker and workshop participant, Lund University, Sweden

2010 Panel member, World Science Festival, New York

2010 National Center for Biotechnology, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

2010 Centro de Astrobiologia, CSIC-INTA, Madrid, Spain

2010 ABSCICON 2010, Organosynthesis in hydrothermal vent environments, and panel member at ABSCICON

2010 Keynote address, University of Durham, UK, Compartmentalization in the Origin of Life,

2010 Invited presentation, NAI workshop, Dating early events in earth History, UCLA, March

2010 Plenary talk, IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana, March

2009 Opening lecture, University Louisville, DARWIN 2009

2009 TEDx lecture, Hollywood, LA, “Art and Science”.

2008 Gordon Conference “Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism”, Maine

2008 International Year of Planet Earth, invited lectures in Dublin and Kilkenny

2008 Santa Fe Institute workshop, “Compartmentation, phase separation and the origin of life.”

2008 The Committee on the Origins and Evolution of Life, NRC Washington

2008 USC Viterbi School of Engineering, “How life began in our water world.”

2008 American Chemical Society, 235th meeting, Chemical Evolution, New Orleans

2008 Gordon Conference “Origin of Life”, Ventura

2008 Bennett Lecture, University of Leicester 50th anniversary

2008 CosmoCaixa Science Museum in Barcelona “The Beautiful Story of the Cosmos”.

2007 Plenary Lecture, "Biosphere Origin and Evolution”, Greece

2007 Invited lecture, 14th International congress of Photosynthesis, Glasgow, Scotland

2007 Invited lecture, Carnegie Institute, Washington

2007 Invited lecture, Emergence of Life, Max Planck Institute, Jena, Germany

2007 Invited lecture, Emergence of life – Los Alamos

2007 Invited lecture, Origin of life and oxygenic photosynthesis, UC Berkley

2006 Keynote address, Goldschmidt Conference, Abiotic-biotic transition, Melbourne, Australia

2006 Invited lecture, Santa Fe Institute, Origin of life, USA

2006 Opening lecture, Lecture series – University of Bremen, Origin and Evolution of Life

2006 Keynote address, Life in the Universe, IMA, Kolbe, Japan

2006 Invited lectures, Origin of life, University of Uppsala, Stockholm

2006 Invited Lecture, Early Evolution, Leopoldina Symposium, Bremen, Germany

2006 Invited lectures, NORDITA Astrobiology, Kittila, Finland

2005 Invited lectures, Origin of life, Chemical Physics, Earth Science, Caltech

2005 Opening Lecture, Origins and evolution of cells, Queen Mary College, London

2005 Opening Lecture, Astrobiology, NORDITA, Copenhagen

2005 Keynote address, Mineral Deposits Study Group, Ireland

2004 Invited lecture to Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, USA

2004 Invited lectures, Astrobiology, UCL

2004 Invited lectures to ETH Zurich & LM University, Munich

2004 Invited lectures to CNRS Marseille, Grenoble & Paris Sud

2004 Invited lectures to Macquarie University Astrobiology & University of Tasmania

2004 Opening Lecture, Gordon Conference, Metals and Evolution, Maine, USA

2004 EGU, COSPAR, Paris, Hydrothermal Reactors and the Origin of Life

2003 Invited lectures, University of Arizona at Tempe and Tucson

2003 Keynote speaker, Fermor Conference, University of Wales

2003 British Association invited lecture

2002 Royal Society of Chemistry AGM invited lecture "Astrochemistry of life"

2002 The Kongsberg Seminar, Norway, invited lecture

2002 Invited lecture, University of Bergen

2001 Earth System Processes, GSA/GSL, Edinburgh, Convenor/speaker

2001 Invited lecture, Goldschmidt 2001, Mineral catalysts in organic synthesis, Virginia,

2001 British Association invited lecture

2001 Invited lecture ACS, Carbon dioxide in biogeochemistry, USA

2000 Invited Lecture, EMBO Symposium on Microbial Evolution.

2000 Convener/Lecturer, Goldschmidt Conference, Origin of Life, Oxford

1999 NASA Ames Research Center, Origin of Life/Exploring for Fossil Life on Mars.

1999 Invited lecture, Gordon Conference, Metals in Biology, Ventura, California.

1999 Invited Lecture, De La Beche Club, The Origin of Life.

1998 Invited lecture, GEOSCIENCE98, Life on other planets and the early Earth?

1998 Invited Lecture, Royal Astronomical Society, Planets outside the Solar System.

1998 Invited lecture, Life on Mars, British Interplanetary Society.

1997 Keynote Address, Giant Orebodies, Neves-Corvo Conference, University of Lisbon

1997 SEG-GSA Symposium, "Ore Deposits Through Time", Salt Lake City,

1996 International workshop, CIBA Evolution of hydrothermal ecosystems….

1996 Keynote Address, Thermophiles: University of Georgia, USA.

1995 Invited lecture, Open University Geological Society Meeting

1995 Invited lecture, University of Granada, Biomineral Paterns & Materials Science

1995 Lecturer, University of Granada Summer School on Origin of Life

1994 Invited lecture, British Association Meeting.

1994 Keynote address, 12th Australian Geological Congress.

1995 Invited lecture, Open University Geological Society Meeting

1995 Invited lecture, University of Granada, Biomineral Paterns & Materials Science

1995 Lecturer, University of Granada Summer School on Origin of Life

1993 Invited lecture tour, Universities in New Zealand.

1993 Invited lecture, Washington University, St. Louis, USA.

1992 Invited lecture, British Association Meeting.

1992 Invited lecture, Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Research, Sweden,

1992 Invited lectures, The Jagielonian University, Krakow,

1991 Co-organiser and speaker, "The Inorganic-Organic Interface", Ross Priory, Scotland

1991 Invited lecture to Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Research, Oregon, USA.

1988 Invited lecturer, lead-zinc orebodies, University of Bilbao, Spain.

1988 Review Lecture, Economic Geology, Centennial meeting, Geol. Soc. America.

1988 Invited Senior Scientist, Sept-Oct. University of Oslo.

1989 Distinguished Lecturer, Institution of Mining & Metallurgy.

1989 Review Seminar, Mineral Deposit Models. Geological Society, London.

1987 Keynote Speaker, Mineral Deposit Research in the UK. GSL.

1987 Invited participant, Gordon Conference on Hydrothermal Geochemistry, USA

1986 Invited lecture, Earth Resource Research, Memorial University, Newfoundland.

1986 Visiting Lecture tour of North America, Society of Economic Geologists.

1986 Invited lecturer, Economic Geology Section, Geological Society of America A.G.M.

1986 Principal Lecturer, Institution of Geologists - A.G.M.

1986 Closing Address, VII Intern’l Assoc. on Genesis of Ore Deposits, Luleå, Sweden.

1984 Invited lecturer, 31st Inter Universities Geological Congress.

1983 Geological Association of Canada Short Course Lecturer,

1981 "Prominent Geologist's" Lecturer to Atlantic Geoscience Society of Canada and Lecture tour of the Maritime Provinces.

1980 Australian Academy of Sciences Lecturing Fund. A.N.U., C.S.I.R.O. Sydney, Adelaide, Townsville, Tasmania.

1980 Keynote Speaker, 4th Australian Geological Convention.

1977 Royal Norwegian Foreign Office Guest Lecturer, Universities in Norway.

1973 Invited lecturer, First Symposium, Metallogenesis & Plate Tectonics, Newfoundland.

1972 Invited lecturer, First Symposium on Implications of Continental Drift, Newcastle.

Recent grants

2015-2020 $8,000,000, Co-I, NASA: NAI “Icy Worlds” 2008-2012 (Science PI)

2013-2016 $375,000, JPL Research, Technology and development

2011-2013 $360,730, JPL Research, Technology and development

2008-2013 $7,500,000, Co-I, NASA: NAI “Icy Worlds” 2008-2012 (PI; Dr Isik Kanik)

2008-2010 $300,000, Co-I NASA ROSES Astrobiology “Experimental test of an autogenic theory of the origin and earliest evolution of life” (PI; Isik Kanik)

1996-1999 £142,157, NERC -GR3/09926 Origin of life, Final report rated excellent


2013 Lectures and talks to four schools in Portland

2010-12 lectures to USC and MSU geobiology course students

2009 TEDx lecture, Hollywood, LA, “Art and Science”.

2007 Discussions with Kansas teachers on teaching and evolution

1992-2006 Lectures to Edinburgh School of Art

2003 New Scientist

2000 BBC HORIZON. Life on Mars

1997 ITV Icon

1996 Radio Scotland, Ores in Scotland

1996 BBC 'Science Now', Origin of Life

1996 BBC 5, Night Moves

1996 BBC Scotland, The Usual Suspects

1995 Radio Scotland, The Oceans

1994 Radio Scotland, Origin of Mineral Deposits

1993 BBC HORIZON, on the Origin of Life

1993 Austrian TV, Origin of Life

1988 Radio Scotland debate with Prof Thomas Gold on The Deep Gas Hypothesis

1975 BBC News. Nuclear waste disposal

Also, Open University Tutor, Lectures to amateur societies and young people’s societies in Scotland, Numerous interviews with BBC and other radio stations

Main external committee and board membership

2012-2014 National Academies Standing Committee on Astrobiology and Planetary Sciences

2001-present Editorial Board of Astrobiology

1999 British National Space Centre - Panel Member: Exobiology, Extremophiles and Habitats

1992 Chairman, the NERC Review Committee, MSc Courses in Engineering Geology

1992 Chairman, the NERC Review Committee, Extractive Industries Partnership Scheme

1988-1992 Geological Sciences Research Grants & Training Awards Committee, the NERC

1988-present Professional Affairs Committee, Institution of Mining & Metallurgy

1988-1995 Editorial Board of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy

1988-1989 Chairman. Scottish Branch of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy

1982-1983 Scottish Universities Council on Entrance: Working Party on Geology

1974-1980 Editorial Board of the Institution of Mining & Metallurgy
Teaching Geochemistry, Metallogenesis, Plate Tectonics, Controversies in Geology, Origin of Life, Geochemical Exploration, Economic Geology Field Course, Mineral Exploration Fieldwork,

Brief Biography

Michael Russell began work in an East London chemical factory, improving nickel catalysts for hydrogenating phenols to cyclohexanols. A degree in geology, with organic chemistry and ancillary physics, led to prospecting for the same metal, along with copper and gold, in the Solomon Islands. While there he also investigated volcanic solfataras, acidic hydrothermal vents, sedimentary iron formations and gauged eruptive hazard; thence to British Columbia searching for molybdenum, the Yukon for silver, and then to PhD research into the genesis of zinc-lead ore deposits in Ireland. Here, in the mines, he and his students found 350 million year old hydrothermal chimneys, accompanying fossil worms and associated natural chemical gardens comprising metal sulfides. These experiences and discoveries – augmented by research into magnesite deposits and their alkaline hydrothermal feed sourced from serpentinized ophiolites in the Alps – formed the foundations to the submarine alkaline theory for the emergence of life.

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