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Publications by Athel Cornish-Bowden

This page lists the publications by Athel Cornish-Bowden on the hexokinases of mammals and other organisms, especially liver hexokinase, or "glucokinase" (1976–present).

E: Mammalian Hexokinases

E1. M. J. Holroyde, M. B. Allen, A. C. Storer, A. S. Warsy, J. M. E. Chesher, I. P. Trayer, A. Cornish-Bowden & D. G. Walker (1976) The purification in high yield of rat hepatic glucokinase Biochem. J. 153, 363–373 [ Download PDF ] [107 citations in total; 2.5 per year between 1976 and 2018]

E2. A. C. Storer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1976) Concentration of MgATP2– and other ions in solution Biochem. J. 159, 1–5 [ Download PDF ] [283 citations in total; 6.7 per year between 1976 and 2018]

E3. A. C. Storer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1976) Kinetics of rat-liver glucokinase: co-operative interactions with glucose at physiologically significant concentrations Biochem. J. 159, 7–14 [ Download PDF ] [137 citations in total; 3.3 per year between 1976 and 2018]

E4. A. C. Storer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1977) Kinetic evidence for a mnemonical mechanism for rat liver glucokinase Biochem. J. 165, 61–69 [ Download PDF ] [124 citations in total; 3.0 per year between 1977 and 2018]

E5. A. Cornish-Bowden, B. A. Connolly, M. Gregoriou, M. J. Holroyde, A. C. Storer & I. P. Trayer (1979) Mammalian hexokinases: a system for the study of co-operativity in monomeric enzymes Arch. Biol. Med. Exper. 12, 581–589 [ Download PDF ]

E6. M. Gregoriou, I. P. Trayer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1981) Isotope exchange evidence for an ordered mechanism for rat-liver glucokinase, a monomeric co-operative enzyme Biochemistry 20, 499–506 [ Download PDF ]

E7. M. Gregoriou, A. Cornish-Bowden & I. P. Trayer (1981) Isotope-exchange evidence for allosteric regulation of hexokinase II by glucose 6-phosphate and for an obligatory addition of substrates Biochem. Soc. Trans. 9, 62–63 [ Download PDF ]

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E10. M. Gregoriou, I. P. Trayer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1983) Isotope-exchange evidence that glucose 6-phosphate inhibits rat-muscle hexokinase II at an allosteric site Eur. J. Biochem. 134, 283–288 [ Download PDF ]

E11. A. Cornish-Bowden, M. Gregoriou & D. Pollard-Knight (1984) Rat-liver glucokinase as a mnemonical enzyme in Dynamics of Biochemical Systems (ed. J. Ricard & A. Cornish-Bowden), Plenum, New York

E12. D. Pollard-Knight & A. Cornish-Bowden (1984) Solvent isotope effects on the glucokinase reaction: negative co-operativity and a large inverse isotope effect in 2H2O Eur. J. Biochem. 141, 157–163 [ Download PDF ]

E13. D. Pollard-Knight, B. A. Connolly, A. Cornish-Bowden & I. P. Trayer (1985) Effect of glycerol on glucokinase activity: loss of co-operative behavior with respect to glucose Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 237, 328–334 [ Download PDF ]

E14. A. Cornish-Bowden & D. Pollard-Knight (1985) Solvent isotope effects on the hexokinase IV reaction: evidence for the mnemonical interpretation of the kinetic co-operativity Arch. Biol. Med. Exper. 18, 293–300 [ Download PDF ]

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E16. M. Gregoriou, I. P. Trayer & A. Cornish-Bowden (1986) Allosteric character of the inhibition of rat-muscle hexokinase B by glucose 6-phosphate Eur. J. Biochem. 161, 171–176 [ Download PDF ]

E17. D. Pollard-Knight & A. Cornish-Bowden (1987) Kinetics of hexokinase D (glucokinase) with inosine triphosphate as phosphate donor Biochem. J. 245, 625–629 [ Download PDF ]

E18. A. Cornish-Bowden (1989) Uso de resonancia magnética nuclear de 31P y [γ-(S)-16O, 17O, 18O]ATP quiral para investigar los cursos estereoquímicos de las reacciones catalizadas por enzimas (Use of 31P-NMR and chiral [γ-(S)-16O, 17O, 18O]ATP to investigate the stereochemical courses of enzyme-catalysed reactions) Arch. Biol. Med. Exper. 22, 139–146 (in Spanish) [ Download PDF ]

E19. A. Cornish-Bowden & M. L. Cárdenas (1991) Hexokinase and glucokinase in liver metabolism Trends Biochem. Sci. 16, 281–282. Additional correspondence in vol. 17, p. 59. [ Download PDF ]

E20. A. Cornish-Bowden (1992) Las hexoquinasas de mamíferos en la regulación metabólica (Mammalian hexokinases in metabolic regulation) Arch. Biol. Med. Exper. 25, 133–137 (in Spanish)

E21. M. L. Cárdenas, A. Cornish-Bowden & T. Ureta (1998) Evolution and regulatory role of the hexokinases Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1401, 242–264 [168 citations in total; 8.4 per year between 1998 and 2018] [ Download PDF ]

E22. A. Cornish-Bowden & M. L. Cárdenas (2004) Glucokinase: a monomeric cooperative enzyme with positive cooperativity in Glucokinase and Glycemic Disease: from Basics to Novel Therapeutics (ed. F. M. Matschinsky & M. A. Magnuson), Karger, Basle (Switzerland), pp. 125–134 [Introduction]