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Kinetics of Multi-enzyme Systems

This page is the introduction to a series of pages based on Chapter 12 (Kinetics of Multi-enzyme Systems) of Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (3rd edition, 2004).

Introduction to these pages

These pages are based closely on Chapter 12 of Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics (3rd edition, Athel Cornish-Bowden, 2004, Portland Press, London). More information about the book can be found elsewhere. In preparing this hypertext version nearly all of the equations have been embedded as GIF images, to allow more exact typography than would otherwise be possible. To minimize the cost in slow loading times, however, many algebraic expressions in the text have been left as text.

The series of pages was completely revised in April 2005 in order to take account of the 3rd edition of the book. Although much of the chapter is unchanged from the 2nd edition (1995), there are some additions. As the revision may have resulted in the appearance of new errors, missing algebraic expressions, incorrect links, etc. I should be grateful if you could let me know of any that you notice.

Most of the pages in this series are also available in French. La plupart des pages dans cette série sont disponibles aussi en français.

List of contents