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Metabolic Control Analysis

This is a page of general information about metabolic control analysis, including forthcoming meetings and courses, and pointers to other sources, either on this site or elsewhere.


Other web sites containing general introductory
information on metabolic control analysis

The The Metabolic Control Analysis Web: Pedro Mendes’s brief electronic review of metabolic control analysis.

My own brief electronic review of metabolic control analysis (based closely on Chapter 12 of the 3rd edition my book Fundamentals of Enzyme Kinetics).

What is metabolic control analysis?: more elementary than either of those above, a question-and-answer session for people who are completely new to metabolic control analysis.

Computer simulation of metabolism, by David Rhodes of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University

Minireview by Mary Wildermuth

News groups

The BioThermoKinetics Newsgroup is not completely dead (and may even be a little more active than it was five years ago), but it is not very lively, to say the least.

Web sites of groups in the field

Henrik Kacser

The 7th October 1996 issue of the Journal of Theoretical Biology (vol. 182, pp. 193-457) was devoted to the memory of Henrik Kacser, who died in March 1995. Some related information may be found below. Note that these pages were written for the most part in early 1996 and have not been thoroughly updated since. There may therefore be some minor variations from what was actually printed in the journal.

On this site you can find a complete list of Henrik’s publications, which also exists as an annotated list that includes quotations from his little known earlier work. How long ago do you think he was writing things like the following?

The properties of a system are in fact more than (or different from) the sum of the properties of its components, a fact often overlooked in zealous attempts to demonstrate additivity of certain phenomonena. It is with these systemic properties that we shall be mainly concerned...

The answer can be found by reading the annotated list mentioned above.

Finally, you can find General information about the special issue as well as Abstracts of most of the papers in it.

Reinhart Heinrich

In June 2008 the Journal of Theoretical Biology will be devoted to the memory of Reinhart Heinrich, who died in November 2006. A full list of papers included in this issue, together with their abstracts, may be found on another page.

These include an annotated bibliography of Heinrich’s work, and an obituary notice.

Metabolic modelling

The best-known metabolic modelling programs for running on your own computer are Jarnac (a development of SCAMP) and Copasi (a development of Gepasi).

Modelling can be done on the web at a site created by Jacky Snoep and Brett Olivier. This is available from two servers, one in Stellenbosch and the other in Amsterdam.


Two books on metabolic control analysis have appeared in the past few years. I have reviewed both of them.