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MCA 99

NATO Advanced Research Workshop


Technological and Medical Implications of
Metabolic Control Analysis

This page contains information about the NATO Advanced Research Workshop held at Visegrád, Hungary, in April 1999. The original page giving the background is still available, but it will not be updated further.

As the meeting is now in the past some of the practical details in this page have been removed, and future updates will be confined to points that may still be of interest.

Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee had the following members: Athel Cornish-Bowden (Director), Judit Ovádi (Co-director), María Luz Cárdenas, David Fell, Reinhart Heinrich, Jan-Hendrik Hofmeyr. The meeting assistant was Isadora Cornish-Bowden.


Funds to support an Advanced Research Workshop were granted by the Scientific Affairs Division of NATO, and there is an official notice of the Workshop on the NATO pages.

Information about the Science Programme of NATO, and specifically about other meetings planned for 1999 may be found on the NATO web site.

Supplementary grants were awarded by the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) under its scheme to support Symposia and Interest Groups,

by Országos Mûszaki Fejlesztési Bizottság (the Hungarian National Committee for Technological Development).

and by the Ares-Serono Foundation.


Sketch map of Hungary

The Workshop will be held in the Silvanus Hotel, Visegrád, in the "Danube Bend" region of Hungary. It provides excellent facilities and has good connections with Budapest, close enough to present easy connections with the airport, and far enough away to be well out of the city. The Hotel Silvanus has a beautiful situation with views towards the Danube. Other attractions (Esztergom, Szentendre etc.) are fairly close.

Tourist information. A separate page contains some photographs of Visegrád and other places in the Danube Bend region, and other popular sites in Hungary.

Other links for more pictures and tourist information. Several pictures of Visegrád can be found on a page devoted to it. Some pages concerned with tourist information about Hungary in general and about Budapest in particular may also be of interest. All of these tend to be slow to load.

View from the hotel


The Workshop was held in the period 10-16 April 1999.

Scientific Programme

The full programme is available

Separate pages give full details of the programme of the workshop, as well as information about the speakers and other participants. The principal sessions were as follows:

  • Sunday 11th April
    • Opening lecture by Jay Bailey
    • Biotechnology I
    • Cancer
    • Biotechnology II
  • Monday 12th April
    • Cell architecture I and II
    • Evolution of metabolism
  • Tuesday 13th April
    • Energy metabolism
    • Metabolic cascades
  • Wednesday 14th April
    • Metabolic aspects of disease
    • Metabolic theory
    • Large systems
  • Thursday 15th April
    • Metabolic regulation I and II
    • Closing lectures by Louis Hue and Paul Srere

Discussion paper

Douglas Kell and Pedro Mendes prepared a discussion paper to focus our thoughts on some of the issues that were to be discussed at Visegrád. This is available for consultation at their web site. They deliberately wrote their paper in somewhat provocative terms, and it is hardly to be expected that everyone will agree with all that they say. Please note that although this paper forms a chapter in the published proceedings of the Workshop, the form posted on the web is not identical to what will be published. If you wish to refer to it in any publications please check with the authors that the points you are referring to will actually appear in the published version.

Pictures from the meeting

A list of pictures from the meeting is now available.

Meeting report in Nature Biotechnology

A report of the workshop has appeared in Nature Biotechnology 17, 641–643 (1999). The same issue of Nature Biotechnology contains an article by Jay Bailey covering some of the p that he discussed in his lecture, and the previous issue (June 1999) contains an editorial by Harvey Bialy.

Publication of the Proceedings

The papers presented at the workshop have been edited and were delivered to the publisher in the latter part of October 1999 for publication by Kluwer Academic Publishers (Dordrecht, The Netherlands) in the first half of 2000.

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