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Publications by Athel Cornish-Bowden

This page lists the publications by Athel Cornish-Bowden on pepsin catalysis (1965–1970).

A: Pepsin Catalysis

A1. A. J. Cornish-Bowden & J. R. Knowles (1969) The pH-dependence of pepsin-catalysed reactions Biochem. J. 113, 353–362 [ Download PDF ]

A2. A. J. Cornish-Bowden, P. Greenwell & J. R. Knowles (1969) The rate limiting step in pepsin-catalysed reactions and evidence against an acyl-enzyme intermediate Biochem. J. 113, 369–375 [ Download PDF ]

A3. J. R. Knowles, R. S. Bayliss, A. J. Cornish-Bowden, P. Greenwell, T. M. Kitson, H. C. Sharp & G. B. Wybrandt (1970) Towards a mechanism for pepsin pp. 237–250 in Structure-Function Relationships of Proteolytic Enzymes (ed. P. Desnuelle, H. Neurath & M. Ottesen), Munksgaard, Copenhagen [ Download PDF ]