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Workshop "Workshop on chaperone proteins and protein folding" 23/11 P.M. et 24/11 A.M.

par Laure Azzopardi - publié le , mis à jour le

Le BIP a organisé un Workshop sur les protéines chaperons et le repliement des protéines le jeudi 23 novembre après-midi et le vendredi 24 novembre matin en salle Jacques Senez (Bât B de l’IMM).
The BIP lab has launched a Workshop on chaperone proteins and protein folding on 23rd November (Thursday afternoon) and 24th November (Friday morning) at Jacques Senez room (IMM, Bldg B).

Plusieurs spécialistes de ces thématiques nous ont fait l’honneur de présenter leurs travaux :
Several well-known scientists working in that field have presented their work :

- Pierre Goloubinoff : "Molecular chaperones can repair misfolded protein structures by injecting energy from ATP hydrolysis into the non-equilibrium stabilisation of native state protein structures".

- Gilbert Richarme : "Protein and nucleic acid repair by the DJ-1/Park7 Maillard deglycases"

- Frédéric Rousseau : "Targeted Protein aggregation by synthetic amyloids"(unfortunately ill, he didn’t come)

- Pierre Genevaux : "Poisons, antidotes and their chaperones"

- Françoise Ochsenbein : "Inhibiting Chromatin Assembly by Targeting Histone Chaperones"

- Reynald Gillet : "Lost in translation : when the ribosome ensures quality control in protein synthesis"

- Alessandro Barducci : "Theoretical/Computational insights into the functional cycle of Hsp70 chaperones"

- Cyrille Garnier : "Hsp90 oligomers modulate amyloid assembly/disassembly processes"

et le Comité d’organisation :
-  Marianne Ilbert  : "Chaperone activation by unfolding and oxidative modification"

-  Elisabetta Mileo  : "Investigating NarJ structural dynamics by in vitro and in cell EPR spectroscopy"

-  Brigitte Meunier-Gontero  : "A Jack of all trades and master of the Calvin cycle : CP12, a “chaperone-like” for glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase"

-  Olivier Genest  : "Hsp90 is essential under stress condition in the model bacteria Shewanella oneidensis"

-  Chantal Iobbi-Nivol ,
-  Valérie Belle et
-  Laure Azzopardi , secrétaire du Comité.